Ohm’s Law Guide

Basic knowledge about Ohm’s Law is crucial to know the relationship between coil resistance, current battery drain, and battery volts. That is to ensure that you do not demand from your vape battery. 

The formula for Ohm’s Law is V (Voltage) = I (Current) x R (Resistance)

Voltage is the difference between charges. It is the work needed to move a charge between two ends. Current, also called Amperes (Amps), is the charge’s flow within a circuit. Lastly, Resistance, measured using Ohms, is the resisting current within a circuit. 

For you to understand the relationship between these three units better, remember:

  • V=IxR
  • I=V/R
  • R=V/I

For example, if you charge your battery to 4.2V with a coil resistance equivalent to 0.5ohms, you are draining 8.4amps from your battery. The formula is 4.2/0.5=8.4.

When do Watts Come to Play

Wattage is energy or power over some time. You can use the following formula to understand watts or power

  • P=V2/R
  • P=I2R
  • P=VI

If you would like to know the amount of power you are using, use the first formula. 

For example, at 4.2V, the formula is 4.2squared = (4.2 x 4.2) = 17.64

Then, you divide your result by its resistance:

For example, 1.5ohms; 17.64/1.5 = 11.76

Based on the example shown above, you would want to use 11 Watts for optimum device performance. 

If you think the formulas above are too complex, you can always use an Ohms Law Calculator to do all the complex tasks!