Does Vaping Cost a Lot of Money?

If you wonder if vaping can cost you a lot of money, it is practical to think about it. Most first-timers consider the cost before they even start. With cigarette prices skyrocketing, it is important to know if you can save money with vaping. 

Vaping can be less expensive in the long run. Initially, purchasing an e-liquid and a vaping device can be costly. However, once you get these items, you only need to replace your coils and e-liquid.

Therefore, you can say that vaping is better for your health and your pocket. However, keep in mind that saving money also depends on factors such as, how frequent you vape, what vape juice device you use, and more.

Taking a Look at Prices

The average price of one 20-cigarette pack is about $15. With simple math, you can say that one pack of cigarettes daily can cost you $5475 per year.

To compare which is more expensive, vaping or smoking, let us see what you must purchase for vaping.

For a vape device, the cost ranges from $18 to $125. For a decent tank, it may cost you about $25. Now when it comes to e-juice, one 10ml bottle will range from $3 to $6. Note that premium vape juice can be more expensive. Lastly, for a good quality battery and charger for about $7.

With the price range mentioned, you can get a decent setup for about $60. Therefore, switching to vaping allows you to save thousands a year. It would only cost you about $900 yearly if you are a moderate vaper.