Understanding Vaping Temperature Settings

The goal of vaping is converting essential oils and compounds in your vape juice into gas form or vapor. This happens by heating them using a specific temperature range while avoiding combustion. 

Not All Vaporizers are the Same

Most devices let you set the temperature or choose from presets. If you are a beginner, you may not know the correct temperatures to use or even be aware of them to begin with.

For example, devices with preset temperatures give you a range that allows you to hit more terpenes altogether. On the other hand, precise temperature control devices will enable you to hit individual compounds using the temp dial. 

As mentioned, vaporization involves heating while avoiding combustion using the proper temperature levels. Note that vaporization releases compounds by controlling the temperature while combustion discharges all components at once at high temperatures. 

The combustion point of every botanical can differ depending on its moisture. However, combustion usually happens at 235 deg Celsius in general. Combustion releases harmful chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and tar. Avoiding these by-products by vaporization is why most people find it a better alternative than cigarette smoking.

The Ideal Temperature Setting

Vaporization temperatures impact your vapor quality by releasing distinct types and amounts of compounds when using different temperatures. For example, if you set the temperature to about 190 to 210 deg Celsius, the vapor will be flavorful yet very fine. 

Contrastingly, those who like denser and thicker vapor should use temperatures of 210 to 235 deg Celsius.