Funniest Vape Memes in 2022

It’s 2022, and you can see vape memes everywhere! There are good and bad ones, but to save you from searching and finding the funniest memes on Google, below is a list of hilarious memes one could ever find. 

  • “Phil, I don’t know why they keep getting it wrong, 5 coils in a box.”
  • “You mean to tell me you found someone in the bathroom vaping and didn’t ask for a hit?”
  • “Why are kids these days getting the vapors?”
  • “When you finally switch to e-cigarettes because they’re safer to use.”
  • “Started vaping and completely quit cigarettes, not sure if I’m more addicted to nicotine now or less.”
  • “Tea and green tomatoes contain nicotine, will the FDA deem these tobacco products?”
  • “Nicotine is found in nightshade family plants, including tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. So enjoy your vegetable soup before the FDA declares it a tobacco product.”
  • “All I did was say vaping is better than smoking.”
  • “Can’t tell if this is fog or if the guy in front of me is vaping.”
  • “Vaping, it’s been around longer than we thought.”
  • “This one time, some people were vaping dope and they died. The government found out about it, and then vaping went up in smoke.”