Our mission in Vape Batteries & Hardware is to let people find a better and safer option for smoking. We began as a small website and continue to grow until now. The founders of Vape Batteries & Hardware are a family of long-term and heavy smokers who tried multiple times, with some success, to give up smoking. 

Every time they tried to give it up, they saw themselves back at the beginning until one of them decided to buy a vape pen starter kit. Within weeks, they all gave up on cigarettes and switched to using a vape. Daily they checked on each other and shared tips. 

They learned about coils, batteries, e-juice, dry hits, atomizers, and more. In the end, they learned to love everything that is vape related.

They spoke to family and friends and knew that some of their loved ones also have struggled with vaping. After their first struggles with vaping, they were set to buy cigarette packs and get rid of vaping. 

However, they realized the encouragement and tips they shared helped them overcome their struggles and stick to vaping permanently.  Ultimately, they decided they wanted to help others who wish to begin their journey with vaping!