Guide to Vape Battery

If you buy a vape battery, you need to know how it functions and its parts. Any vape setup is made up of these parts:

  • Mod. The mod is used to hold the battery and electronic components, allowing variable power and protection from short circuits. 
  • Tank. The tank protects the e-liquid, wick, and coil.
  • Drip Tip. This is linked to your tank and allows you to inhale the sweet vapor. 

The battery inside the mod is controlled through a firing button, passing power to a 510 connector applied to your coil.  The coil inside the tank has resistance, and when you apply voltage, the current is sourced from the battery to warm it up. As a result, it will vaporize your e-liquid inside the tank, providing you with vapor. 

 Vape Battery Options

Below are the different battery types available:

  • Internal. It would be best to charge using the supplied cable and vape when using internal batteries. This type of battery uses Lithium Polymer, which can be unsafe chemically. What matters is that it has enough protection circuitry.
  • External. There are two types of external batteries:
  • Protected batteries usually have a circuit board at the bottom of the battery that prevents overcharge, over-discharge, or short circuits. 
  • Unprotected batteries do not have additional circuitry. Therefore, you must charge it carefully. You must invest in safe chargers that protect unprotected batteries to prevent overcharging to 4.2 volts and discharging below 3 volts. 

The information above can help you have at least an idea of how your batteries work and how you can use them safely.