Proper Inhaling and Puffing in Electronic Cigarettes

Contrary to popular belief, there exists a clear difference between vaping and smoking. One would be that the technique for inhaling and puffing in e-cigarettes is also different from the method they would use for smoking tobacco.

This might be unbeknownst to new vapers. Moving on from an existing habit, especially one that traditional smokers have, could initially be difficult to handle. However, to fully enjoy Premium Customs E-Juice, people must learn the proper way to handle electronic cigarettes.

What to Avoid Doing

Before tackling the proper techniques straight away, it is first important to understand everything that should not be done when vaping. This includes:

  • taking short drags as it might lead to the liquid spilling out
  • avoiding chains vaping as it could overheat the device
  • chain vaping that might damage the throat or taste buds

Damage caused by vaping is often called a vaper’s tongue. They are caused by prolonged and repeated vaping in a short period of time. In order to cure a vaper’s tongue, the user must brush and rinse their mouth to wash out the remains of the vape inside their mouth.

Most commonly, the symptoms of a vaper’s tongue include loss of the e-liquid flavor and lack of taste. To avoid this, it is important for the vaper to regularly cycle their e-liquid flavors and avoid dehydration when in a smoking session.

What to Do

So what are the proper steps for vaping? What makes them different from regular cigarettes? Follow the steps below and learn how to completely enjoy the distinct experience that vaping gives in comparison to traditional smoking.

1. Inhaling

Contrary to the short and quickdraws people do for cigarettes, it is recommended to take slow and steady draws for electronic cigarettes. Wait until the vapor fills your entire mouth. There is no need for you to take in the vapor to your lungs for you to taste the proper effect.

2. Puffing

After taking in the vapor in your mouth, let it simmer there for three to five seconds before going to your next move. One could either draw it deeper into their lungs or puff it out through their mouth or nose. Unlike nicotine in traditional cigarettes, nicotine in electronic cigarettes could be absorbed by all three of the mouth, lungs, and nose.

3. Hit

All smokers smoke out of the desire for the hit to kick in. In vaping, it usually takes around thirty seconds. This is much longer than the average of eight seconds in traditional cigarettes. This is because the nicotine in electronic cigarettes has to get past the mucus membranes before getting absorbed.

Due to how long it takes for the hit to kick in, new vapers may get turned off by the experience. However, after continuous use, the slow time it takes for the hit to arrive gets easier to adapt to.

These are all of the proper techniques involved in handling electronic cigarettes. The unique sensation that vaping and smoking provide allows individuals to choose which one they want.