Tips to Take Care of 18650 Vape Batteries for Safety

There are reported incidents about 18650 battery explosions stemming from battery misuse or the use of bad-quality batteries. 18650 batteries offer a substantial amount of power. However, some problems arise if these batteries are not well-taken care of. 

Do’s and Don’ts in Using 18650 Batteries 

  • Do some research. Before buying a 18650 vape battery, research the battery to ensure that you buy the right one for safety. 
  • Purchase a good quality charger. A bad quality charger can impact your battery’s lifespan and cause it to explode. So, buy a safe one to prevent it from charging over its maximum capacity, and get one from a trustworthy vendor.
  • Use a case for your battery. You may be just putting your spare battery inside your pocket along with your coins and keys. Doing so can cause your vape battery to overheat and even explode. So, make use of battery cases to keep your 18650 batteries safe.
  • DO NOT use damaged batteries. Check your vape battery regularly, especially the wrap that covers it. If the wrap is damaged, it can come in contact with your mod and cause a short. This can damage your 18650 battery and may cause it to explode. 
  • DO NOT charge batteries unattended. Always check your battery while it’s charging to prevent overcharging. 
  • DO NOT exceed the recommended current (Amps) of your 18650 battery. All batteries have maximum amps. Therefore, exceeding the maximum current can permanently damage your battery.  

Follow these tips to keep your batteries safe for use!