Rewrapping 18650 Vape Batteries

Keeping your batteries in good shape, specifically 18650 batteries, is essential for the safety and longevity of your vape device. What happens if your vape battery wrap becomes damaged? What should you do? Therefore, you must learn to rewrap your battery. 

What Do You Need to Know about Battery Wraps?

Battery wraps are a heat PVC sleeve covering your vape battery. Its length should be enough to extend to about 3mm over the bottom or top of your battery. When you heat it, it shrinks around your battery and will only be visible at the negative or bottom part of your battery. The positive or top part will be surrounded by a paper insulator, which will be held by the wrap and isolate contact from the other parts of the battery. 

How Do You Rewrap Vape Batteries?

  1. Begin by removing your old wrap and always begin at the bottom part to avoid positive contact. Keep the paper insulator and make sure not to scratch your metal casing. If you find a scratch or puncture in your metal case, get rid of the battery immediately for safety. 
  2. Slide over your new wrap and leave about a 3mm extension at the bottom and top of your battery. 
  3. Place the insulator on the top or positive part. If it is damaged, use a new paper insulator. 
  4. Apply heat using a hairdryer to shrink your new wrap around your battery. Just use enough heat to make the wrap shrink perfectly around the battery. 

You have successfully rewrapped your vape battery!