Vape Batteries - Tips & Tricks!

Vape Batteries - Tips & Tricks!

Making sure that your batteries are in tip top shape is crucial. If you don't take proper care of your batteries, it will inevitably put stress on your batteries, causing poor battery life or even worse, venting.  I'm gonna be teaching you some tips and tricks to keep your batteries in good working condition. Let's just jump right into it.

First things first, let's talk about battery wraps. This is only going to apply to people that use a device with external batteries. If you take a look at your removable battery, you're gonna notice a small, thin plastic wrap around the battery only exposing the positive and negative ends. You wanna make sure that these wraps are in good condition with no rips or tears anywhere. This is extremely important because the wraps act as a negative terminal for your battery. If there are rips in your battery wrap, this could cause a hard short which would then result in your battery venting. The good news is that battery wraps are extremely easy to replace. If you wanted more information on that, click the card that's gonna pop up right around here.

Next up, we have actually charging your device. Charging your batteries are often overlooked as about 98% of the mods on the market have a USB port to them. If you are using a device that has external batteries, it is highly recommended that you purchase an external charger to charge your batteries rather than charging it through the USB port. Not only is USB charging slower than its external counterpart, but USB chargers also don't have as many safety features. I found that if I was USB charging my device, my batteries would charge at an uneven rate, which is really not good. If you're interested in looking into some external battery chargers, I'll leave some links in the description down below.

Another thing to mention as well is that if you're using a device that uses more than one battery, it is highly recommended to marry your batteries. Marrying your batteries means that the same two sets of batteries are always used together. The reason this is recommended is so both batteries can discharge and recharge at the same rate. Over time, batteries naturally lose their battery capacity. If you were to mix and match your batteries in the same device, you're gonna be putting much more stress on one battery than the other. Yeah, marrying your batteries is highly recommended.

Now let's talk about transporting your external batteries. You should never, ever have vape batteries loosely in your pocket. This can cause a hard short if it makes contact with anything conductive and explode. If you're looking to transport a spare set of batteries, it's highly recommended to get a battery case. These little cases are fairly cheap and it prevents the positive end of the battery from making contact with anything. Again, I'll leave links in the description down below.

Lastly, if you find that your device is getting very warm after chain vaping, then put it down and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes before using it again. Due to the nature of batteries, the harder that they're working, the warmer they'll get. If you stress your batteries too much, they'll eventually hit thermal runaway and vent. If you notice that your vape is getting pretty warm, then I'd say set it down and let it cool off.
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