Favorite Vape Battery...? LG HG2

Favorite Vape Battery...? LG HG2

The Chocolate LG HG2 is a 20 amp battery, 3,000 milliamp hour. 3,000 milliamp hour is the batter capacity. I love this thing. This is the universal battery for me. 40 to 60 watts, that's my sweet spot. I got for this Reuleaux RX200S, it's a triple 18650 and vapes up to 200 watts. Well, I don't ever vape up to 200 watts. I vape between 40 and 60 watts, probably 98% of the time. And 98% of the time, I'm using the Choco batteries. If you're going to be using a triple 18650 devices, or even dual 18650 devices, you got to make sure that you marry the batteries. What I mean by marrying the batteries, when you buy these batteries, okay, when I bought these, they've always been around each other. They're discharging together, they're charging together, wherever one goes, the other one goes, that's marrying. You got to make sure you do that, it's the safer way.

Another way I use these Chocolates is in single, a single 18650 device, and that goes back to battery capacity. 3,000 milliamp hour battery capacity. With this device, it's a 75 watt mod, okay, and I usually don't vape up to 75 watts. Right now vaping at ... what am I vaping at? I'm only vaping at 38 watts.  Here we go. Oh man, that is plenty warm for me. With these Chocolates, it kicks ass. This is my favorite battery, favorite of the two.

Again, all this is subjective, this may not be for you. If you vape at high wattages, super high wattages, you're not going to want to go with this battery. But if you like to vape lower wattages, 40 to 60 watts, even lower, this battery's kick ass. 

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